About us

TUGA is a Portuguese Non-Profit Association whose purpose is the promotion of the knowledge.
Born in February 2014 as the result of 4 years of collaboration of the Data Platform professionals & enthusiasts in Portugal.

In 2015 TUGA has started to support different ranges of User Groups and Events, which resulted in the TUGA IT 2016 event in the year 2016.

The event TUGA IT is a collaboration of TUGA Association with different Technical Communities and Microsoft MVPs: NetPonto, Office365PT, SQLPort & SharePointPT.

The main organisers are:
André Batista (operations)
André Vala (content)
Niko Neugebauer (content)
Paulo Matos (finances)
Pedro Simões (partnerships & sponsorships)

The content master for SharePoint / Office 365 is André Vala.
The content master for Azure Infrastructure is Pedro Simões.
The content master for Data Platform is Niko Neugebauer.
The content master for Programming is Bruno Lopes.
The content master for Integration is Sandro Pereira.