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A day with Visualisation & PowerBI

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Windows A May 20, 2016 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Jorge Camões
Gerhard Brueckl
Wolfgang Strasser
Rui Romano

PowerBI is one of the prime tools on Microsoft Data Platform for delivering BI solutions to the customers. It allows you an easy integration with dozens of existing solutions and data platforms.

A day with PowerBI will be delivered by 4 amazing speakers:
“Effectiveness and Aesthetics in Data Visualization” – Jorge Camões (Wisevis)
“PowerBI for the Data Scientist” – Gerhard Brückl (SSAS Maestro, PM One)
“The (Consumer) Internet of Things on your arm – MS Band & PowerBI connected” – Wolfgang Strasser (MVP, BI Architect – Cubido)
“Power BI for Developers” – Rui Romano (Devscope)

This training day is aiming at showing you what can be done with PowerBI and how you can achieve that. Focusing on visualisation, customisation, integration & development the speakers will teach you all possible things about it.

Contents/Topics covered in the workshop:
– PowerBI
– Cortana Analytics Suite & PowerBI
– Sway & PowerBI
– Microsoft Band & PowerBI
– Powershell & PowerBI
– Office Apps & PowerBI
– D3.JS & PowerBI

Attendee’s desired pre-requisites/profile
Basic knowledge about PowerBI & Microsoft Data Platform

Effectiveness and Aesthetics in Data Visualization by Jorge Camões
There are two unavoidable keywords in data visualization: “effectiveness” and “aesthetics”. To be useful as a data exploration, communication or decision-supporting tool, data visualization needs to find the right balance between these two areas. The first presentation will discuss the foundations of data visualization and how to design for effectiveness. The second presentation focuses on how aesthetics impact visualizations and how to achieve this from a functional (non artistic) point of view.

PowerBI for the Data Scientist by Gerhard Brückl
R is THE language for Data Scientists. Therefore, it is no surprise that Microsoft also integrated it into the latest release of PowerBI. In this session I will show how to use an existing R-script in PowerBI, combine it with other data sources and leverage other native features of PowerBI like cross-filtering, highlighting, etc. The final step is then to publish the workbook to the PowerBI web service, schedule refreshes and share it with your colleagues.

The (Consumer) Internet of Things on your arm – MS Band & PowerBI connected by Wolfgang Strasser
The Internet of Things (IOT) gets more and more attraction – not only on the business but also on the customer side. Connected fridges, cars and smart watches – always and everywhere connected! In this session Wolfgang will show you some possibilities of the Microsoft Band 2 SDK: how-to connect and read sensor data out of this device. But what should be done with that data?
Power BI seems to be an ideal candidate for analyzing and presenting those kind of data. The different types of real-time analytics (Stream Analytics, Power BI API, ..) will be presented and their pros and cons will be envisioned.

Power BI for Developers by Rui Romano
In this talk I will show you an overview of the developer ecosystem in Power BI and share my experiences in the creation of Power BI Office Apps (Power BI Tiles and Send to PowerBI) and the community PowerShell module PowerBIPS.
In this presentation you will also learn how to: integrate your app data with Power BI, embed Power BI visualizations in your app and develop your own custom visualizations.



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