Fresh news! Two half-day workshops focused on SQL Server Engine by world-class speakers.

The first part, “Enhancements that will make your SQL database engine roar“, will be presented by Pedro Lopes, Senior Program Manager and member of the world famous Microsoft’s SQL Server Tiger team. This workshop will showcase several improvements in the Database Engine for SQL Server 2016 (and vNext) that address some of the most common customer pain points involving tempdb, new CE, memory management, as well as diagnostics for troubleshooting query plans, memory grants, and backup/restore, to name a few.

The second part, “Exploring Developer Features in SQL Server 2016 and vNext“, will be presented by Milos Radivojevic, a well known Data Platfrom MVP. This half-day workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the new developer features and enhancements in SQL Server 2016. Many of them will be part of your daily development work (new Transact-SQL functions and syntax extensions), the others will offer you more options for implementing solutions that include processing and manipulation of semi-structured data and history data management (JSON, temporal data). Finally, the Query Store could (and will!) change the way you deal with query troubleshooting. All these exciting features will make your life easier and increase your productivity.

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