We are happy to announce that TUGA IT 2017 registrations are now open for session days (May 19th and 20th).

As you might have noticed, registrations for TUGA IT 2017 are not free. Instead, we have decided to ask for a registration fee for two main reasons:

  • To improve the participation rate;
  • To provide hot lunch to all participants.

For some years now, we’ve been trying to tackle the issue of people who register for events but never show up. We’ve had events with over 50% of no-shows. No only is this bad for speakers and sponsors, it is also a logistics nightmare because we end up have a lot of excess food which was ordered taking the total number of registrations into account. Asking for a symbolic registration fee will, hopefully, improve participation rate and also, allow us to invest that extra money to provide hot lunch to all participants.

If you register until the end of April, the price per day will be 10 EUR (€). After May 1st, the price per day will be 15 EUR (€).