TUGA IT will feature 3 days packed with sessions and workshops to provide the highest possible quality training and knowledge to the community, on a variety of topics. In this page you can find a list of the workshops. Click on the title to learn more and register.




Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Agile, Scrum and DevOps – Let’s Play with LEGO®!

Do you think you know Agile? How about Scrum? And DevOps? Come play with us, learn and grow your knowledge about what really means Agile, Scrum and DevOps with this LEGO® workshop!

Angular & Xamarin (2 half-day workshops)

Part 1: Angular Workshop by Peter Bouda

Get up-to-speed with all the new features and improvements in recent Angular version to develop your first web application with the help of this superheroic framework!
The workshop will be “hands on”, i.e. we will architect a little (demo? no!) real-world Angular application with user registration, login and basic interaction with user data. You will learn about all the key concepts of Angular to develop and maintain complex web applications and how to publish them. The basic application we will develop can act as a cornerstone for your own next-generation web idea and will give you a quick start into modern web application development.

Part 2: Write one code, deploy to multi platforms using .NET by Sara Silva

A tecnologia tem convergido para novos paradigmas que nos permitem realizar um desenvolvimento mais rápido, com menos requisitos técnicos e até mesmo com menos custos.
Xamarin foi uma startup adquirida recentemente pela Microsoft, que teve uma visão brilhante sobre o que seria o desenvolvimento móvel para multiplataforma e com isso forneceu-nos soluções para aprendermos, desenvolvermos, testar, monitorizar e distribuir. Caso para dizer, pensou em tudo e por isso o sucesso é mais que comprovado.
Neste Workshop, vais aprender os pontos chaves do desenvolvimento multiplataforma e vais perceber as mais-valias do desenvolvimento usando Xamarin.No workshop os participantes terão que seguir um guião, em que será fornecido o projeto inicial e a solução final para facilitar o estudante na realização do exemplo fornecido.

Data science for beginners with R and T-SQL

This workshop brings introduction to R language and R programming for data scientist, for purposes of data wrangling, data preparation, statistical analysis and predictive analytics. Discovering basics of statistics and multivariate statistics and covering most common statistical approaches will provide a good ground for advanced algorithms and predictive analytics. Workshop will also cover the guidelines how to work on larger datasets and how to work in conjunction with relational database (SQL Server) for distributed and parallel high performance computation.

!important things in CSS/SASS for SharePoint and SPFx

This update give you a skill upgrade to the latest methods in web development and learn how you can benefit from using SASS for classic SharePoint branding as well as Web Parts written in the new SharePoint Framework.

Open Source PowerShell on Linux – Skills to Manage Your Heterogenous Data Center

PowerShell is now available on Linux and Mac and you want to use it to manage your multi-platform data center. In this workshop we will introduce Open Source PowerShell and learn why this is such a groundbreaking technology shift. Then we’ll get into the essentials of using PowerShell on Linux and Mac, we’ll start with installing Powershell and building PowerShell from source, work our way into using cmdlets and bash integration, building pipelines, remoting scenarios with heterogenous operating systems and discuss Desired State Configuration.

SQL Server Engine (2 half-day workshops)

Part 1: Enhancements that will make your SQL database engine roar by Pedro Lopes

This session will showcase several improvements in the Database Engine for SQL Server 2016 (including vNext) that address some of the most common customer pain points involving tempdb, new CE, memory management, as well as diagnostics for troubleshooting query plans, memory grants, and backup/restore, to name a few.
Come see this demo filled session to understand these changes in performance and scale of the database engine, new and improved diagnostics for faster troubleshooting and mitigation.
Learn how you can use these features to entice your company to upgrade and run SQL Server workloads with screaming performance.

Part 2: Exploring Developer Features in SQL Server 2016 and vNext by Milos Radivojevic

This half-day workshop provides a comprehensive overview of new developer features and enhancements in SQL Server 2016. Many of them will be part of your daily development work (new Transact-SQL functions and syntax extensions), the other will offer you more options for implementing solutions that include processing and manipulation of semi-structured data and history data management (JSON, temporal data). Finally, the Query Store could (and will!) change the way how you deal with query troubleshooting. All these exiting features will make your life easier and increase your productivity.


Friday, May 19th, 2017

Bringing SQL Server to Linux: Experience

We have been going through the fascinating journey of taking SQL Server to Linux. In this talk, we would love to take you along for the ride. If you are interested welcome on board!