TUGA IT is not only about great technology and awesome speakers, supported by the best sponsors. There is also networking and just pure fun. And all of this contributes to a great experience – the TUGA IT Experience. Every year we try to innovate by adding new initiatives, defying the standards and tweaking every little detail.

In hot sunny Lisbon, in the middle of the Summer, after 6 hours of mind blowing sessions (or workshops), there is nothing better than enjoying a cold beer with friends that share common interests in a relaxed environment. So, this year, we are partnering with Create IT to bring you Tuga Beer!

Because Create IT always goes the extra mile, and cold beer would just be “nice”, they stepped up and will be providing custom craft beer (artisanal beer). This will be legen… wait of it… dary!

To enjoy it, don’t forget to register for the event!