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dbachecks – Checking SQL Server environments with PowerShell

Azure B July 19, 2018 4:40 pm - 5:40 pm

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Cláudio Silva

dbachecks is a framework created by and for SQL Server pros who need to validate their environments. It is a free, open source module (created by dbatools team) that allows data pros to crowdsource our checklists using PowerShell’s open source testing framework, Pester. We all share similar checklists and mostly just the server names and RPO/RTO/etc change. We offer over 80 built-in checks.

Imagine being able to easily ensure that:
– Backups are being performed within your policy
– Identity columns are not about to max out
– Database integrity checks are being performed and corruption does not exist
– Disk space is not about to run out
– SQL Servers are compliant with DISA, CIS, and more

Do you already run your Pester checks? No problem, we can run your tests too. And to top it off, we make it easy to email yourself or view the results of your tests in a gorgeous Power BI Dashboard. Join me to see how easy (and beautiful) it can be validate all of your SQL Server environments!