Data Platform

Cassandra Workshop

MSDN July 20, 2018 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Carlos Rolo
Pedro Gordo
Pedro Vidigal

In this workshop the following topics will be:

1) Introduction and Basics (2h30)

  • What is Cassandra
  • Cassandra Use Cases
  • Installing a Single Node
  • Clustering Cassandra


EXTRA: Adding/Managing multi-datacenters


2) Data modeling and building an application (2h30)

  • Cassandra Data Modeling
  • Building your first Application
  • CCM (How to test localy)


EXTRA: Chaging data Models (Cassandra ETL)


3) Cassandra administration (2h30)

  • Nodetool usage
  • How to Monitor
  • Cassandra and Automation
  • Break and Fix


EXTRA: Cassandra and Docker


Extra content will be available if there is enough time available.