Cloud Data Platform

From Data Lake to DAX Query

Windows A July 21, 2018 11:40 am - 12:40 pm

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Gabi Münster

Collecting data from and combining data out of different data sources is the essential requirement for BI. In times of cloud services this is getting a lot easier.
Azure offers a variety of services that work hand in hand and can be fully automated using PowerShell or.NET.

In this session we will show an example of how data from various sources such as FTP, databases or streaming data can be loaded via ADF and processed in Azure Data Lake.

But getting the information out of Azure Data Lake still requires a special skill set and doesn‘t allow for usage by the broader audience or standard visualization tools. This is a typical requirement of Azure Analysis Services.

But how to implement the model? Can this even be automated in a way?
We will present you one approach to accomplish this.


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